ChequeEazy is a software designed to simplify the process of printing cheques using printer with all the information like Payee Name, Date , Amount , Amount in Words etc with out error in few clicks

We don't need any special stationary from the bank. We can use our normal Cheque Book leaf and the software will print the reqired information in the correct location

The ChequeEazy Software does not require any special printers. We can use normal HP, Canon,Samsung, Brother printers. We prefer small laser printer with opened tray.

The software has a list of pre designed templates for the cheques. We can select the our banks design from the software and will print as per the design

Yes. In this software we can save our payee names and can select from the list while we printing the cheque. The software will generate the number to words automatically without spelling mistakes.

The software will keep the record of all the printed cheques. We can filter the list of cheques by date range , payee and the account. It also gives the reminder as per our PDC List

We can print multiple cheques in single click with date intervel. Mostly we utilize this feature for to print rental or installment cheques with date intervel. We can also import list of cheques from excel also.

First add the Bank Name and go to the New Cheque Design and select the added cheque. Using ruler measure the length and height of the cheques and set the same dimension in the software.Next check the filed (Date, Payee,Amount) location and set the position to the system and save the design.Print a trial print and check the position. If not ok go to design re-adjust the field as per print.